We are on our mission to make Basskya a Well Known Brand.

We don’t do fashion the same way anyone else does. Our Basskya Brand, which was developed by our Founder and Team basskya, looks beyond the lines to bring you the most up-to-date T-shirts. When it comes to BASSKYA’s brand curation, we choose the best of the best to provide you with the most range, awesome exclusives, and coolest collaborations. And, if that wasn’t enough, So soon we are going to announce a variety of high-quality other items through which you can express yourself. There are no rules; there are only infinite ways to be yourself.


Basskya Design

BASSKYA DESIGN interprets major trends, adding the next-level BASSKYA T-Shirts, giving you the confidence to express your individuality. We’ll make you available everything you need to create your own unique style in our size ranges (Curve, Big, Petite, and Maternity). ensuring that every day, night, and moment in between is as special as you are.




We believe that fashion has the power to create futures and that it is no longer an option between conscience and self-expression. As a result, our exclusive BASSKYA MADE IN INDIA collection collaborates with everyone who wants to help better the lives of local communities by providing skills and resources for long-term growth. Does good, Looks Good.