4 Best Shirt And T Shirt Style For Men: Make A Fashion Statement!

shirt and t shirt style for men

Examine various approaches to putting together a shirt and t shirt combo. Shirts and t shirts are such great separates, we’re sure you’ll want to play around with them more. Continue reading to learn how to make the perfect t shirt style for men.

Are you tired of wearing the same old t shirt and jeans combo to rock the casual look?

Are you someone who enjoys experimenting with new outerwear concepts, such as combining a top and a t-shirt?

Read our style post to learn more about how to make unique looks that will turn heads.

The shirt is a versatile piece in a man’s wardrobe that can be styled in a variety of ways. Filmy trends come and go, but there are two things that will never fail to surprise and delight you: a shirt and t-shirt combination. 



Don’t underestimate their influence; they have the ability to surprise you any time you question your closet’s diversity. We can safely claim that wearing a shirt and t-shirt together is one of the best outfits for meeting all of life’s needs.

The main advantage of wearing a shirt with a t-shirt design is that it lays the outfit, adds coziness, or simply gives you a casual look that people will appreciate or follow.

When it comes to t shirt style for men and combinations, there are a few other things to consider. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to match colors with a shirt and t-shirt combo. Don’t be afraid to go for it.

Choose to wear a shirt over a t-shirt.

Nobody, particularly men, has no time to think about t shirt style for men and what to wear under a white shirt in today’s go-to-get-coffee scene. 

The trend of wearing an open shirt with a t shirt underneath comes to the rescue to add panache.



A checked shirt in an open shirt design with a graphic or a simple t shirt style for men is the first thing that comes to mind when creating an all-time favorite look.

 If you don’t want to go crazy and prefer to keep it simple, a light blue shirt over a t shirt is the way to go. You can never go wrong with the blues. 

Wearing a sweater over a t shirt is often a smart idea and, in most situations, a lifesaver. Let’s look at several different colors and patterns to find the perfect shirt and t-shirt style for men.

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Combination of 4 different color shirts and t shirts.

The open shirt theme isn’t limited to black and white in the wonderful world of shirts. By pairing the right shirt and t shirt combination, we can spice up the open shirt with t shirt underneath the theme. 

Colors and prints are two important things to consider. They can make an eye-catching fashion example of an unbuttoned shirt over t shirt when paired well, but when paired incorrectly, they can make a complete disaster of a shirt and t shirt style for men.

A neutral-colored checked shirt over t shirt, such as a blue shirt with t shirt, is a safe look for men who don’t want to experiment as much. 

If you’re feeling daring, try experimenting with various color and print combinations to make an ordinary shirt over t shirt look charismatic. 

For hot summer days or vacations, a printed shirt over a tee and denim shorts will help you battle the heat gracefully. It’s a great look for colder days when paired with a corduroy open shirt and a t-shirt underneath for added comfort and style. 

A monochromatic look can be achieved by layering a black t-shirt with a grey corduroy shirt over t-shirt fashion. Here’s how to rock the four-color shirt over a t-shirt look like a pro. 

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Wear a bright yellow shirt combination!

Most men would choose to wear white as their default color when wearing the open shirt style in yellow.

If you’re not a fan of color blocking, shades of grey and blue t-shirts would look great with torn jeans and a yellow top.

If you’re feeling brave, consider pairing a yellow shirt with turquoise blue or orange for a summery beach look when paired with denim shorts.


t shirt combination for men grey t shirt


The ideal weekend outfit is a red shirt and a pair of jeans.

When it comes to the gentleman’s look, white reigns supreme when combined with a redshirt as the perfect t shirt combination. 

When combined with a checked or striped red top, a graphic t-shirt would make a cool option for that unplanned unbuttoned shirt over t-shirt look to rock on weekends.

 When combined with a red open shirt design, monochrome and shades of blue will create a classic t shirt style.

man wearing red shirt and grey t shirt combination

Total elegance in a light blue shirt combination.

If you want to experiment but are afraid of looking like a fashion failure, try matching a light blue shirt with a variety of plain t shirts

Pair it with a striped or graphic black t-shirt for a more laid-back look. Other colors, such as grey, white, red, or mustard yellow t shirt undershirt, will answer your question of t shirt style for men, resulting in a fashionable shirt over t shirt look.

light blue shirt and t shirt style for men


Brown Shirt and T shirt style for Men – for an earthy look

Combining a brown shirt with a neutral-colored t shirt like beige/khaki, plain white t shirt, or light blue can result in a winning shirt over t shirt trend for the sober who love earthy colors.

 If you choose to wear a sweater over a t-shirt during the winter and are unsure how to style your brown shirt combination in corduroy, matching it with a royal blue t-shirt, either plain or with stripes, will add light to your otherwise dark winter days. 

For beginners, this shirt and t-shirt combination will help them achieve a traditional yet well-dressed look.

Man wearing brown shirt over white t shirt style for men


2 Simple And Easy Ways To Wear A Shirt Inside A T-Shirt

Choosing the opposite of the traditional open shirt with t shirt underneath style can be an equally successful fashion trend for men. 

The shirt inside t shirt fashion will rock depending on how many buttons are done up. This pattern wins it all, whether you want a sexy or a gentlemanly look.

T shirt style for men is all about trying new things.

Keep it classy with this black plain T shirt style for men.

A black t shirt worn over a collared shirt with checks in red, yellow, or blue will lift the fashion bar for a smart or casual look. 

When the colder months arrive, you can also pair your hoodie top with a black t shirt, which is a great winter style trick for those who enjoy wearing a shirt and t shirt combination to add just the right amount of warmth.


Black plain t shirt for men
Black plain t shirt for men

Beat the blues with this blue T shirt style for men.

Trust me!!! It’s impossible to go wrong with basic or neutral colors like white, black, and red shirts layered over a blue t shirt. This is a great shirt inside t shirt choice for weekends or parties when you don’t feel like dressing up in a suit. 

Layering a blue t shirt over a collared shirt in a darker blue color tone is a great color-coordinated choice because of its versatility. After all, the right combination of blue shades will produce pleasing results.

Overall, the shirt and t shirt style for men has dominated men’s fashion for centuries and will continue to do so in the future. 

Man wearing blue t shirt style for men

When the two are well-coordinated, it is a simple and good-to-go choice for all. The above classic shirt combinations will continue to dominate the men’s closet and fashion trend, bringing fascinating results every time, whether you’re a novice or a fashionista.

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